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Ma - Christine Anne Foley

My body came from yours like a flower plucked

Your soil still damp on my cheeks

A reminder of us conjoined

Now the cold fingers pull me screaming

We break apart and are two.

I am taken from you before the air hits my lungs

Extracted and snipped

The quick flick of a wrist


My body cleansed

They wash you away.

My body uprooted, replanted in your arms

I wither against your skin

Clinging to the familiar

Petals drawn to the light

For the first time I see

Myself in you

I bathe in your gaze

Plump tears in your eyes

Heart pulses through your chest

I can hear it

But the sound is different

Wait, I can hear my own.


Christine is Dublin based writer with a degree in English from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in Creative Writing from Oxford University. Her work is published in Skirting Around Magazine and her play 'Let Your Hair Down' was produced at the Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford.

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