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Cats - Kate Novak

“Oh, dear,” my mother-in-law says in a concerned voice. She is reading County Down local news on her I-pad.

“What is it?” I ask.

“There was a man found dead in his house. They say that judging by the decomposition of the body he must’ve been dead for over a week. His cats were feeding on him.”

“Meow,” Lulu says. I stare her down.

“Thank goodness for my nosy neighbors. I wouldn’t like to end up like that,” my mother-in-law says.

“I’m pretty sure that will be my end. Nobody will find me in time, and the cats will eat me.”

“Meow,” Lulu says.

“Oh, I hope my son finds you before that happens.”

“Statistically, women live longer than men.”

“I still hope he finds you first.”

“I better feed the cat.”

“Meow,” Lulu says.


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