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  • Submit up to four poems at once

  • Send as either a Word document or PDF (.doc / .docx / .pdf)

  • If submitting multiple poems, please keep poems on separate pages


  • Submit two flash fiction pieces (1,000 words max) OR one short story (4,000 words max) at a time

  • Send as a Word document (.doc / .docx)

All submissions should be sent to

All authors are encouraged to include a short biography (less than 50 words) when submitting.

Please clarify whether your submission is poetry or fiction in the subject of your email.

We offer expedited responses!

2 Day Response — €4
4 Day Response with 100 Word Feedback — €7
5 Day Response with 200 Word Feedback — €10

Please select an option.

Please include a screenshot of your receipt in your submission email. Thank you!

If your work is accepted, please wait six months before submitting again.

If your work is rejected, you can resubmit as soon as you like!
However, please do not resubmit the same piece, even if it has been edited,
unless we have specifically requested it. Thank you!

We always aim to include feedback to rejected and accepted pieces whenever possible.

Publishing Rights
Neuro Magazine reserves the right to the author's piece once accepted. Once published, the original rights return to the author, and the piece may be published however the author sees fit. We only ask that you credit us with the original publication of the piece.

Best of luck!


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