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Van Gogh Disease - Rachael Edwards

They say,

“An artist

must suffer

for their masterpiece

to be meaningful.”

Why must we feel


for you

to find meaning

in our work?

My sorrow

does not enhance

the words

I write;

Nor does

the darkness

within my mind

denote a special

quality only

obtained through

staring at the abyss

of my sadness.

Do not lament

my progress

as taking away

my virtue,

my medications

do not

keep me alive

so that I may

write you

melancholy beauty,

they keep me alive

so that I may

experience joy.


Rachael Edwards (she/they) is a queer twenty-three-year-old poet from Boston, Massachusetts. They use nature to blend with social issues and personal experiences. When they aren't writing they can be found people watching at the Copley library, cuddling her dog, or crocheting. They post snippets of their work on their Instagram @polaroidsandpoems.

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