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This is your problem - DEVIANT

A silver bullet and your smoking gun. It is a wonder

you reconstruct the weapons used against you.

Jesus never spent much time staring at crosses.

The difference between love letters and hate mail

is the tone with which you miss the recipient. Dear,

I told you to leave me alone. This is your problem.

To rid yourself of pain you must stuff it in a box.

In this case, a smoking gun. In real life, your bad

choices were made to ease the pain you caused.

You feel regret like a recoil. Smoke weed like its

memories. How quickly you forgot yourself in the

aftermath of what was prayed for then sacrificed.

Faster than a bullet or an ultimatum, you pick

a bottom brick from the leaning Jenga tower

but when it stays up like the fucking fallacy it is

you that could not stick to your guns. This is your

problem. I told you to leave me alone. You are

sending letters but never tend to the silence.


DEVIANT is an American writer best known for their poetry and memoir-hybrids. They believe in the power of words, silence, and the transfiguration of that which is impolite to publicize but far too important to repress. Find them on Twitter @darlingknife.

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