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The Glacial Borne - J. F. Gleeson

Updated: May 18, 2022

I wonder what those early first Beringians packing cold across the Strait, set after by those panting long legged bears, following shivering those herds of hulks, think to this fruit of theirs, histories growing and histories old, warped inside out almost with fright and cowering: that it will never live, that it will not touch, that it is trapped and trapped, that sleep may only be achieved fraught and as result of panics, that setting foot onto some other celestial surface is of equal likelihood to warmth or space shared with some beloved, that this is the same likelihood of second dates or of being desired, that this is all very pithy and tiring, completely lost in so much wondering without moving.


J. F. Gleeson lives in England. His work has appeared, or will soon appear, in Maudlin House, Ligeia, Overheard, RejectionLetters, the Bear Creek Gazette, Weird Horror, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Sublunary Review and other places. He has a website:

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