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Tell the bees - Kelly Marie McDonough

Tell the bees

My lover’s dead,

But I am still alive.

Whisper solemn words of grief

When you notify the hive.

Tell them not my depth of pain,

My heart’s an open wound.

Send my love beyond the grave,

Say I will see him soon.

Tell the bees to carry on,

They can rest well in your care.

Every journey has a destination,

And I am nearly there.

Bid them luck on their sweet endeavor,

Sometimes gone is not lost forever.

The flowers speak to that.


Kelly Marie McDonough is a two-time cancer survivor, avid reader, and makeup enthusiast. She is working on building her poetry portfolio and is influenced by Poe and Anne Sexton. Murder, madness, and literary references are her passion. She is a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University and works customer service for a call center. She lives in Illinois with her supportive husband and their four mischievous cats. Her poetry will be published in the upcoming issues of The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Poetically Mag, The Magazine, WriteNowLit, Mid-Heaven Magazine, and Fevers of the Mind, Unique, and Perennial Press.

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