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rain rain go away come again another day little children want to play... - Arụsị Quera

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

The birds never stop speaking to me. Not the birds in the sky, it's those ones that perch on trees, walk on our grounds. Yes those birds never stop speaking to me.

Today, I am neatly dressed in a cute blue dress. I regained my consciousness briefly, I asked and answered. So I did the first thing that felt right, I cleaned up. Now, no one knows I am a mad woman, at least not until I start to run down the streets or talk back to the birds.

Until then, I pretend to be interested in the man who gave me this dress and soap to wash. I will give him my body, I know from his stares it's what he wants. Yes, he's one the crazy ones that would do anything for money.


Arusi Quera is a storyteller & writer of West African origin; constantly interrogating the human condition. They exist in liminal spaces

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