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Procession Line - Jason Melvin

at what age

does every face

you see

look vaguely familiar

where you feel that each person

is someone you know

used to know

high school?

that grocery store job

twenty some odd years ago?

maybe a poker game?

do I stare at people

too often

while living in

a narrow enough world

to have seen

every face once?

A singular face almost sticks

where giant swaths of my childhood

have disappeared

and every face

in this line

kind of thinks they might


the person in front or behind

cause we all know the guy in the casket

truth is

I’m just hiding

playing the face game

keeping my thoughts from the front of the room

keeping my thoughts from the guy in the casket

too young to be there

I’ve never quite figured out the proper way

to grieve

who has?

yet our lives are filled

with opportunities to learn


Jason Melvin received a gimmicky T-shirt from his teenage daughter with a picture of one large fist fist-bumping a much smaller fist. The caption read, “Behind every smart-ass daughter is a truly asshole Dad”. It fit.

He can be found on Twitter @jason5melvin and on his website at

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