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Ofglen Self-Reflects in Canada, a persona poem – see: "The Handmaid’s Tale" - Hailey Urena

Before my uterus was fruitful, my sole

I was abducted purpose being to create life

I was a wife, a mother,

a professor,


It’s hard to remember exactly

who I was, and I know

I’ll never be the same.


But I remember being allowed to speak,

and read, and learn without

the fear of losing a limb


I was able to love my life,

And free to love my wife—

I knew my son.


I had students, and family,

And friends, and colleagues.

I was Emily. Dr. Emily Malek.


Gilead Stole my name and my sanity,

Compromised my health,

And cut out my pleasure,


I had no identity other than

being the property of

a Commander.


To them, I was not human,

I was a handmaid.

And I started to believe them—


I was not Emily,

I was Ofglen, or Ofstephen,

or Ofanyotherwhiteman.


I was only as worthy as


I may not know who I am,

But I do know who I will never be again.

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