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Marriage Vows – Our sestina - Carl Palmer

From this day forth I

will not be I while I’m with her

and she will not be she

while she’s with me.

For on this day, we

as a couple will be us.


not I.


not her,

not me,

not she.


becomes us.

She and me,


and her,

become we.


not she,

not her.


not I,

not me.


is now we,

not I.


is now us,

not her.


and me,

together, us.

Together, we,


and I.

Her, forever we.

Me and she,

us, forever, vow I.


Carl “Papa” Palmer of Old Mill Road in Ridgeway, Virginia, lives in University Place, Washington.

He is retired from the military and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enjoying life as “Papa”

to his grand descendants and being a Franciscan Hospice volunteer.

PAPA’s MOTTO: Long Weekends Forever!

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