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If all you have is a disintegrator pistol, everything looks like a nail - Jay Chesters

It makes sense I’m in the back field, mending a fence, when the spaceships land.

The day is perfectly normal. Picture your average, typical day: this is it. It feels utterly unreal because nothing is ever as totally normal as this day is.

Before the saucers came spinning out of the slightly cloudy sky, before the heat rays and the murder, my biggest concern was where I put my hammer.

I often wondered what I’d do if I met an extra-terrestrial like they’re called on the news.

They march up with their disintegrator pistols.

“Alright, let me finish,” I say. “Hand me that hammer.”


Jay Chesters is a writer living and working on Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar. An author of contemporary fiction, they interweave folklore, fantasy, fairy tales and science fiction with social commentary through their writing. When they're not writing, Jay is generally fretting about how they really should be writing.

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