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Farewell of pains - Olalekan Hussein

Mama has once been a vessel;

Traveling on my father's turbulence sea,

annihilated by an intractable hurricane.

Mama has also slept in a bed

Spread with bedsheet of iniquity

In my father's abode that's cemented with beach of wickedness.

Where saddened river gushed

Out of her naked eyes every night,

Like a dented plant that loses its buds.

My father became a man-at-arms,

Pounding my mother in a zambiza mortar,

While mother became a cattle;

Being reared in my father's bivouac of beatings.

I have now painted my gallery with mama's images,

Peering her forceful smiles after her isolation to another realm.

I think papa has forgotten death is never a town crier,

It could come tomorrow and fade him away like a melted candle.


Olalekan Hussein is a Nigerian writer who writes poetry, fiction, nonfiction and other genres. If Olalekan is not writing, obviously he's reading

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