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Estival - Elliott Graves

content warning: abuse, self-harm

estival (n.): of or relating to the summer

The twins

dip their toes

in the crystal-clear water.

a temporary tattoo

begins to fade

from the skin

of a flat-chested genderqueer child.

their sister recalls

how in the years before

their father would cause them to hurt

it was he, not the twins

who drew blood with a blade

on his own arm, then ordered

the same

of them

recalling these days

made them feel the urge

again and again and again

but swimming with scars –

healed, healing, or fresh –

was causing them

both some discomfort


Elliott Graves (they/them) is a disabled, queer, & trans writer. They can be found on social media @softpunkbunny, where they regularly muse about loving their friends, baseball, hockey, and rabbits!

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