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Ephram Pratt Fails at interpreting his dreams - Jack e Lorts

Living in his dreams

was always a challenge,

the instant gratification

of the unreal,

of afternoons spent

in tracking

the mental undercurrents

of what never happens,

of too many markets

feeding into the sideshow,

reminiscent, somehow,

of his moral

and spiritual failings

brought on at youth.

He was troubled

by those around him,

harbingers of

what he didn't understand,

what he sought to know

but still remained

just outside the

cornerstone of understanding

he knew was there:

just below the surface,

indefinite as dust,

midnight seeking silence.


Jack E Lorts has had poems appear in the Haggard and Halloo, Locust, The Poetry Village, Misfit, Harpy Hybrid, NI 4X4, ground, Zombie Logic Review, Eunoia Review & many other places. An American writer he has been writing about Emphram Pratt for many years and has had a book of such poems published with Chaos Press.

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