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Ephram Pratt Asks Questions of the Sounds of Nothing - Jack e Lorts

Close your eyes

to the sound of bells

ringing in the trees,

to the voices speaking

from thunder eggs,

opals and green jade;

let them inhabit

the shadows

where they can’t

be seen;

let them glow

in the radiance

of long forgotten

pillars of ice.

Cry in an imaginary voice

to the singers

inhabiting the obelisks

of the sun,

of the craven moon,

lapsing into invisibility

while the founders

of midnight

grasp vainly

at the sounds of nothing.


Jack e Lorts lives in rural eastern Oregon & has published widely, if infrequently, over the years in such places as The Poetry Village, Poetry NI, 4 X 4, Haggard and Halloo, Misfit, Tipton Poetry Journal, etc. Author of three earlier chapbooks, his "The Love Songs of Ephram Pratt" was published in 2019 by Uttered Chaos Press.

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