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Dear Sir Lawrence - Grace Sampson

a homage from an Irish voice(s)

I will not forget that

I was nearing the obelisk

Of Twenty-Two (Fiche Dò), on

The day that your death

Reached us. [even from afar]

‘Ferlinghetti’: a

Significato of many things.

You, the

Creator and the

Aider of many things, and

Many poetic approaches, rebukes

Too - that have come to


All from the humble

Initiations of San

Francisco, and its beats.

All from a deep desire

To go further. To

Go beyond



And no, I will not forget/

What I learn from

Your magnificent voice:

how it

Was Italian, American, and


All at once.

I won’t put this pen/

Down, not now and not

Soon. No-

It is far too early yet/

I will read ‘Autobiography’

For the next six


And nights.

~dreaming of San Francisco.


Grace Sampson is a female poet from the South-West of Ireland, aged Twenty-One. She writes, and she studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her work appears in ‘The Galway Review’, and ‘The Lothlorien Poetry Journal’. She is a contributor to a forthcoming book on Thom Gunn.

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