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Casting Stones - Lisa Lerma Weber

And what of forgiveness—

that which we all beg for

yet rarely want to give.

With the flame of rationalization,

we light our self-anointed candles

and fall to our skinned-up knees

in feigned penitence

to plead with whatever god

we think most lenient.

Then we leave the shadows

of the confessional, careful

to watch for whoever enters next

so we can pass judgment

and dismiss our own guilt.

Our horse is always higher—

the Trojan filled with hypocrisy

used to penetrate the secrets

of those we want to punish,

those we want to see burn

in the fire of self-righteous indignation.

Shame and shame and shame again

we spit and scream and cry,

always with our eyes closed

so we don't catch a glimpse

of our own demons in the mirror.

And of what of forgiveness—

that which we all beg for

yet rarely want to give.

Why do we wield so many stones

when none of us are without sin?


Lisa Lerma Weber lives in San Diego, CA. Her words and photography have appeared online and in print. She is a junior editor for Versification. Follow her on Twitter @LisaLermaWeber

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